Tire Changer, Swing Arm Type, 31″ Capacity

Model # TC-0328IT

The TC-0328IT is designed for your typical garages and for high-volume tire specialist shops. This changer handles all types of passenger vehicle tires in today’s market with ease. The sturdy design manages the pressure from wide and low-profile tires. Its compact design makes it ideal for professionals with limited workshop space. In addition, it offers adjustable speed from 10 to 17 RPM while maintaining consistent torque. This not only increases productivity but is also easy to use.

Net weight206 Kg.
Operating pressure115–175 PSI
Bead-breaker force2500 kg
Max wheel diameter44″ (1120 mm)
Wheel width3″–15″
Rim diameter (locked internally)12″–31″
Rim diameter (locked externally)10″–28″
Max. wheel width15” (390mm)

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