Rustproofing Fogger System for 20L Pail

Model # LRP-2000K

The LRP-2000K system uses the same advanced design application gun for optimum control and speed as the larger kits. The gun is designed to create a fog that penetrates those hard-to-reach places. It also is compatible with regular and water-based rustproofing products on the market.

Combined with the wand kit LRP-2152, the rustproof system delivers unparalleled coverage and productivity. The 4 wands allow you to reach every part of a vehicle’s body effectively and without waste. When a direct airless spray is needed to cover underbodies, simply remove the mixing cap from the gun and spray with the airless tip built into the front of the gun to have greater coverage.

The LRP-2000K kit for 20 litre system includes:

  • 15:1 ratio pump
  • Advanced application gun
  • 25 ft twin hose
  • Dual air regulators with glass face gauges
  • A standard 2″ bung adapter
  • Steel cover