Heavy Duty Reclaiming Abrasive Blaster

Model # BV-700

A self-contained abrasive recall system that solves the problems of conventional sandblasting and saves time and money.

  • Preserves the surface and protects the environment
  • Blast rust without heavy protective clothing or expensive breathing apparatus
  • Gives you a distortion-free prepared surface ready for priming
  • Saves time & money by minimizing prep and clean up.
  • Eliminates grinding and sanding
  • High power 115V electric motor to generate blasting power and up to 22 CFM suction to reclaim spent blast media
  • Filtering to separate dust and debris from blast media
  • Reduces abrasive consumption by at least 92%
  • Better cleaning penetration
  • Saves time in reduced clean-up before and after the job.