Portable Pressure Blaster/Sandblaster

Model # BC-601100

Ideal sandblasting unit for light maintenance jobs on machinery and the road, equipped with 3/8’’ piping and an 80-lb. tank capacity. It is a popular pressure blaster for tool rental companies, auto body shops, or the weekend handyman. It requires a minimum of 5 hp (20 cfm) to operate.


  • capacity: 0.8 cubic feet, 80 lb. abrasive capacity
  • Very light (45 lb.) and operates on low power requirements (5 hp)
Piping OptionStandard 3/8″High Performance 1/2″
Blast hose diameter3/8″1/2″
Blast hose length8″10″
Nozzle I.D.1/8″1/4″
Air capacity (cfm)2081
Abrasive consumption (lb/h)154500