Glass Bead: 50 lb Bag, 30-40 Grit (Med. Coarse)

Model # BC-0400

A popular blast media used primarily for dimensionally sensitive applications where tolerance and finish are your main concerns. 30-40 grit (Med. Coarse) This is perfect for removing medium to light contamination without causing dimensional change, over-stressing, imbedding or pitting. Used widely by automotive re-builders, die and mould makers in the plating and aerospace industries.

The following are some typical applications:

  • Coarse: Good for cleaning heavier contamination and peening for stress.
  • Med. Coarse: Good for engine rebuilding, mould texturing and peening of softer metals.
  • Medium: Good for plating, anodizing preparation and most general applications.
  • Fine: Good for cleaning light contamination and wherever a fine surface finish is desired.