72″ Wallmount Workbench

  • Workbench tops made from heavy gauge steel, with 2 steel channels welded underneath for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • The top is formed to a “C” channel which can be wood filled for sound dampening or to mount vises and grinders on the bench.
  • The unit is designed to “lock together to provide strength and rigidity.
  • Electrostatically painted to industry-standard mist grey and oven-baked for a durable finish.

Optionally Available:
Model # WB-B-XX –  (xx = length of shelf)
1/2 bottom shelf promotes good housekeeping and maximizes load capacity (order 1 for 1/2 shelf)

Model # WB-D
Drawer Kit: (12″ x 23″ x 4″) comes complete with drawer sliders, Drawer Stop, and mounting hardware

Model WB-NL-XX – (xx = length of bench)
Neoprene top cover (24″ x XX”) protects any machined surfaces from damage, also sound dampens. Not affected by gasoline and oils.