20 Ton Bottle Jack with Manual Control

Model # BJ-20

The BJ-20 with manual control 20-ton capacity bottle jack features a heat-treated extension screw that allows low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height. Also, its serrated saddle provides a generous lifting area and a secure grip. In addition, the wide base provides stability and strength plus all critical stress points are reinforced for durability and dependability.

The BJ-20 bottle jack is a lifting tool and should only be used for lifting. Following the completion of the lift, the load must be supported by appropriately rated safety stands.


  • Top-quality jack line for Automotive, Industrial, and agricultural uses
  • All jacks are designed for use in vertical, horizontal, or angular positioning
  • Precision ground ram, heavy-duty forged body
  • A deep-grooved extension screw for added height
  • SAFETY RATED: Manufactured to ASME test specs
  • Tested to 50% over the rated capacity

Also available:

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