Wheel Balancer for Passenger Vehicles

Model # WB-0330XL

Introducing the WB-0330XL Wheel Balancer, your compact and precise wheel balancing solution. This state-of-the-art system comes with a range of features to make your wheel-balancing tasks a breeze. It features an automatic gauge for effortless distance and diameter measurement, along with an electric brake that securely locks the wheel in place, making weight application easier than ever.

What sets the WB-0330XL Wheel Balancer apart is its Auto Width feature, which seamlessly acquires the 3D width of iron rims. Moreover, the innovative AutoAdaptive Software can recalculate the acceptable unbalance value, taking into account the specific weight and dimensions of each wheel. This cutting-edge technology ensures top-notch performance and accuracy in wheel balancing.


  • Automatic gauge for a correct measurement of distance and diameter
  • Virtual Sonar automatically acquires the 3D width of iron rims with the same performance as traditional Sonar technology
  • Innovative AutoAdaptive software to recalculate the acceptable unbalance value according to the weight and dimensions of each wheel
  • Display panel with an immediate interface to ease the operation
  • Electric brake to lock the wheel and to help with the application of weights
  • Intuitive and user-friendly SPLIT, OPT, and ALU programs
  • Work optimization thanks to reduced balancing times and space-saving wheel guard


Models #WB-0255 and WB-0277 have been discontinued. However, we have a full range of parts available.
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