Wheel Balancer

Model # WB-0330

3D display balancer with electric brake and space-saving design. Made in Italy


  • Automatic gauge for a correct measurement of distance and diameter
  • Virtual Sonar to acquire automatically the 3D width of iron rims, with the same performance of the traditional Sonar technology
  • Innovative AutoAdaptive software to recalculate the acceptable unbalance value according to the weight and dimensions of each wheel
  • Display panel with an immediate interface to ease the operation
  • Electric brake to lock the wheel and to ease the application of weights
  • Intuitive and user-friendly SPLIT, OPT, ALU programs
  • Work optimization thanks to reduced balancing times Space-saving wheel guard


Models #WB-0255 and WB-0277 have been discontinued. However, we have a full range of parts available.
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