Air-powered 1:1 Ratio Oil Transfer Pump for 205 Litre Drum

Model # LP-22805

Air-powered 1:1 Ratio Oil Transfer Pump Mounts Directly Into 205 Litre Drums with 2″ Bung Adapter Included.

Our air-powered 1:1 ratio oil transfer pump is perfect for transferring light oils and non-corrosive fluids from a 205-litre drum. Whether working in a garage, workshop, or industrial setting, this pump will handle the demands of the job. With its powerful and consistent performance, you can easily dispense oil exactly where you need it.

A 1:1 Ratio Pump gives the same pressure out as the air pressure in.
Important: All air-operated pumps recommended air pressure is 90 PSI.
Not suitable for water-based fluids.

Also Available:
1:1 Ratio Stubby Pump For Wall Mount – Model #LP-22800
Stubby pumps are designed for wall mount using wall bracket #28524 and are connected to the drum or tank using #28310 – 8’ hose and drum suction attachment.