Manual DEF Pump

Model # DEF-32V

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pump

Quick and economical DEF pump that provides a clean, safe way to unload a 55-gallon drum. Great for small shops or as an emergency backup. Simple and easy to use, mounts directly to a 55-gallon drum on the Bung adapter. It comes with a Telescoping Suction Tube.


  • Hand Action Lever with up and down movement
  • 1 pint per stroke Approximately
  • Polypropylene Construction
  • Telescoping Suction Tube
  • 2″ NPT Bung Adapter
  • 6.5′ Discharge Hose with clip
  • Recommended fluids: DEF, Water, WWF, Antifreeze, Mild detergents, Lubricants, Hydraulic oil, Agricultural fertilizers, or Pesticides.
    Not Recommended: Kerosene Oil, Diesel Fluid, or Flammable fluids.

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