Single Gun/Pot Spray Gun Cleaner

Model # SPG-1100

The Economical Spray Gun Cleaner.
Cleans your spray gun or pot in under 60 seconds!

  • Single Gun & Pot Capacity
  • 6 Swirl Action Cleaning jets
  • Cup holder stabilizes gun pot. Knurled plug prevents solvent from entering air passage of the gun
  • Automatic lid shut-off switch minimizes operator’s exposure to solvents
  • Easy replacement of used solvent pail. Drain Valve controls solvent flow to the pail
  • A long-lasting Dual Diaphragm pump requires 85 PSI. air pressure
  • Corrosive resistant Stainless steel tank and delivery tubes
  • The solvent is reused, reducing solvent consumption.
  • CE safety certification pending