Parts Washer: 10 Gal. Capacity

Model # PW-3900

This heavy-duty parts washer, features a generous capacity tank, a flexible metal hose with a spout to manage the fluid direction, a sturdy flow-thru brush, and a parts tray for preventing the loss of small parts. It also comes with a fusible link that will allow the lid to close automatically in case of fire. Our parts washers come with a pump that meets and complies with all electrical Canadian standards.

The PW-3900 parts washer and its smaller version, the PW-3000, are built with 16 and 18-gauge steel for durability.

  • Wash area of 38″L x 19″ W x 11″ D
  • Flow thru brush and flexible spout
  • Complete with 10 gal solvent tank and cover