Turbo Siphon Spray Blo-Gun Engine Cleaner

Model # DC-S-184

A perfect tool to keep your engines, workshop, gutters, and/or other desired areas clean. Use compressed air with water, solvent cleaners, or liquids of your choice to clean heavier soiled surfaces. This versatile air tool can also be used to apply protective coatings or remove grease, dirt, and grimy sludge buildup in engines. It is an essential tool for truck drivers, shops, garages, farming/agricultural, and industrial use. Meets OSHA standards 1910.242(B) compliance.


  • Aluminum Turbo style air blow gun w/spray nozzle
  • Air inlet: 1/4″ NPT female (1/4″ FNPT inlet thread size)
  • Airflow: 10 SCFM
  • 225 Max PSI
  • Includes 5’ siphon liquid transfer tube