Wheel Balancer with Laser Spot & Led, with Spinner Lock

Model # WB-680

The video shows the model with a pneumatic lock. Our WB-680 uses a quick lock as seen in the picture above. Wheel Lift is Sold Separately.

This top-of-the-line wheel balancer is designed for SUVs and Light-trucks in mind and for those vehicles using expensive alloy and aluminum rims. It features an LCD display and an easy-to-use control board. The WB-680 also comes with 2 gauges that automatically capture the rim data, just like the WB-0277. However, the WB-680 finds and stops at the unbalance point, and by the push of a button finds and stops automatically at the second unbalance point. This feature facilitates and speeds the balancing process. In addition, this superb machine has a built-in, LED inspection rim light, that is automatically activated to inspect the inside of those alloy and aluminum rims. Plus a laser guide to place the adhesive weights on the right spot every time.

Since most of the larger tires weigh around 100 Lbs. a wheel lift is recommended to help the operator work safely and accurately. We suggest the WBL80 wheel lift. It is the perfect optional accessory to this awesome wheel balancer.

Suggested for any shop, fleet maintenance, dealership, or repair garage.


  • Spinner lock wheel chuck
  • Inside mounted auto wheel data arm
  • 2nd (outside) wheel width measuring arm is standard equipment
  • H.D Cabinet with Auto distance, width and diameter measurement
  • H.D Mechanical axle supports 400 lb wheels
  • New tech motor for faster more reliable spins
  • Laser indicates both inside and outside placement for adhesive weights and wheel.
  • Automatically rotates to the unbalance point, where it is ergonomically the best place to apply it.