Tire Changer, 2 Speed Tiltback Type, 31 Inch Capacity

Model # TC-528-2S

This tire changer represents a new generation of machines designed to perform all mounting and de-mounting of all tire types available on the market. Thus addressing the difficulties from constant changes in the tire and wheel industry. For example, the special consideration when dealing with  UHP and Run-Flat – RSC tires.

This machine offers solid power, speed, and control for the busy professional tire shop.

Net weight245 Kg.
Operating pressure115 – 175 PSI
Bead breaker force2500 kg
Max wheel diameter46″ (1160 mm.)
Wheel width3″ – 16″
Rim diameter
(locked internally)
12″ – 31″
Rim diameter
(locked externally)
10″ – 28 “