Tire Changer Swing Arm Type 25″ (1 SP)

Model # TC-0325IT

A Tire Changer That Works In Any Shop!

Powerful and practical, the TC-0325IT is a changer designed for a typical garage, or for tire specialists with a large work volume. It can handle every tire application available in today’s market. It’s built tough and can handle high-impact forces when working with wide and low-profile tires. The swingarm style is best suited for those with limited working space.

  • Max wheel diameter: 44″
  • Wheel width: 3″ – 16″
  • Rim diameter: (clamped internally) 12″ – 22″
  • Rim diameter: (clamped externally) 14″ – 25″
  • Integrated Inflating system

Optional Tecnoswing Helper Arm Model # TC-0300TS