Tire Changer, Swing Arm Type 25″ (1 SP)

Model # TC-0325IT

A Tire Changer That Works In Any Shop!

Powerful and practical, the TC-0325IT is designed for regular garages or tire specialists with a large work volume. It can handle every tire application available in today’s market. It’s built tough and can handle high impact forces when working with wide and low profile tires. The swingarm style is best suited for those with limited working space.

  • Max wheel diameter: 44″
  • Wheel width: 3″ – 16″
  • Rim diameter: (clamped internally) 12″ – 22″
  • Rim diameter: (clamped externally) 14″ – 25″
  • Integrated Inflating system

Optional Tecnoswing Helper Arm Model # TC-0300TS