Solvent Recycler

Model # SR-500

Provides clean solvent every day, Lowering solvent costs

Easy to use!

Ideal for solvents such as: Paint thinner, Lacquer thinner, Heptane, Toluene, Gun Washer Solvent, Xylene, Acetone, Methanol, Isopropyl-alcohol

Solvent Recycler

  • Tank Capacity: 20 litres
  • Speed: 5 US gal in about 4 hrs
  • Solvent Transfer: Auto-transfer, In and Out
  • Powered by heavy-duty diaphragm pump, timer transfers clean solvent from the recycler
  • Includes 5 gal pail and transfer hoses
  • Air Pressure: 75-85 PSI, unit complete with pressure regulator and filter
  • Power Supply: 110/120 V, 1,600 W, 13.3 A,
  • LEDs indicate power on, heat on and 6 temperature set points
  • 1,500 W Heater

Also inquire about the SR-900: For Up to 76 litres / day – @ 3 cycles / day (Special order)