Water Separator: Tsunami 50 SCFM

Model # TWS-0131

Assured point of use protection for air supply line drops and pneumatic equipment. Removes large amounts (1 quart of water/min) of moisture and particulate down to 10 microns. Unique flow separation takes place as the air reverses direction 180 degrees and passes through the stainless steel element. The integral hydro-pump automatically ejects moisture, oil, and particulate that collects in the large drain sump.

  • Non-corroding sulfuric acid anodized aircraft aluminum inside & out
  • Duty rated heavy wet flow: 50 SCFM or 120 CSFM
  • Super low-pressure drop
  • Optional drain choices: solenoid or piston
  • Large sump prevents carry-over from radical surge flows
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Extremely consistent performance from low to high flow
  • Corrects improperly plumbed air systems
  • OEM’s choice for warranty protection